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Our ResinBound UVR resin is manufactured to the same standard as our standard resinbound resin however gives it gives us the ability to lay a larger range of colours.

This product is specifically used when installing beige, silver or black dried aggregates and comes with a completely clear activator which is resistant to changes due to UV light. 

As this product goes through a longer manufacturing process it costs more than our ‘ResinBound’ resin but offers the flexibility of a longer trowel time and larger colour choice when installing your resin bound surface.

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Resin bound surfacing provides an excellent attractive finish that is both durable and structurally very strong. Ideal for many surfacing requirements Resin Bound Surfacing is a great alternative to the tradition forms of surfacing finishes such as tarmacadam or paving. Our resin bound surfacing can be laid onto a dry tarmac or concrete of sound construction.

Our Resin Bound System uses a blend of aggregates to give a particular effect in a clear resin. By using different blends we can maximise structural strength and create stunning finishes. All of our blends include a suitable fines and clear quartz sand to improve structural strength and maintain some grip to the surface.

Resin Bound is an ideal choice for surfacing requirements where ease of maintenance and a more decorative or visually impacting style of finish are required. This form of surfacing is ideal for pathways, driveways and surrounding areas around buildings.

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